Industrial anticorrosion coating in aerosol

Dear customers!

Plasmet ZF – a high-performance industrial anticorrosion coating is now available in aerosol. You can now coat and protect your equipment and structural steel from corrosion yourself, without hiring specialized crews with application equipment.

Plasmet ZF is a surface tolerant two-pack epoxy coating compound incorporating a rust inhibitor and passivator, with glassflake filler for increased protection. It is good for metalstructures at atmospheric conditions with high humidities, aggressive vapors and concentration of salt air.

Key advantages of using Plasmet ZF aerosol:

  • Rust inhibitor and passivator, with glassflake stops and converts rusting on even old corroded areas
  • Can be used both as a primer or a coating material on its own
  • Minimal surface preparation (you can use metal brushes or grinding machines for surface preparation), which allows to save your time and money


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Published on January 30, 2021