Long term protection

Over the years, materials developed by Corrocoat have been used extensively for the protection of a wide range of tanks and vessels for storage, treatment, process and even road, rail and sea transport applications.

As a result the company has developed expertise in the management of coating programmes for tankage and vessels used in environments as diverse as sewage treatment, activated carbon filtration, chemical and hydrocarbon storage and offshore oil processing. In many cases, these coatings have been in continuous service for up to 20 years without requiring further maintenance.

Typical applications include:

• Acid pickling tanks
• Ballast tanks
• Effluent tanks
• Fresh water tanks
• Galvanisation dipping tanks
• Seawater holding tanks
• Settlement tanks
• Underground fuel storage tanks
• Water treatment tanks
• Deaerator vessels
• Degasser vessels
• Filter vessels
• Process vessels
• Road tanker vessels

In addition, the company has devised and implemented a unique and robust method for the repair of floors on large flat bottomed tanks, using advanced composite materials, without the need for overplating. These repairs can be affected without hotwork, creating either single or double skin solutions which can be monitored remotely in line with the performance levels demanded by these environments.