Corroglass is our glass flake range of corrosion protection coatings.

These high-performance engineering composites use resin technology to safeguard process environments. Typical applications include refurbishing and protecting heavy duty capital equipment such as pumps, valves, water boxes, heat exchanger tube faces, spool pieces, filters, strainers and auxiliary equipment.
A two-pack cold cured vinyl ester Laminating Resin.
600 Laminating resin
An abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide.
Corroglass 602
A glass flake coating of medium viscosity based on top grade vinyl ester resin with low monomer content.
Corroglass 632
Corroglass 652 is a vinyl ester glassflake coating cured by the addition of organic peroxide.
Corroglass 652
A two-pack cold cured brominated vinyl ester / acrylic co-polymer enhanced with flake glass. Corroglass AR4 has been specially formulated to offer the best resistance to alkali environments
Corroglass AR4
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