Plasmet is our abrasion-resistant range of protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers.

These high-performance products are formed from a selection of durable materials to offer versatile protection to a wide range of operational environments. Specially engineered Plasmet coatings are available in differing grades to add extra reassurance when faced with extreme abrasion challenges.
A two-pack amine cured epoxy, resistant to strong concentrations of sulphuric and other acids.
Plasmet AR3
A high solids, low viscosity, two or three-pack epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to damp surfaces. Used as a primer for concrete.
Plasmet ECP
A two or three pack amine cured epoxy, containing both stainless steel flakes, glass flakes and silicon carbide. The material is developed for environments where both chemical resistance and resistance to abrasion is required.
Plasmet HTE
A surface tolerant two-pack epoxy coating compound incorporating a rust inhibitor and passivator, with MIO and Glass Flake for increased protection.
Plasmet ZF
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