Polyglass is our high-performance range of protective coatings developed for their ease of application.

Often applied by spray, and with no primer required, these products are highly-effective in extremely corrosive environments.

Polyglass can be used on a wide variety of substrates including steel and concrete. Throughout the industrial world, the coatings have helped to protect components as varied as offshore process vessels, pipelines, structural steel and even hospital hot water tanks.

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Polyglass VEF WR

A wear resistant glass flake vinyl ester co-polymer with abrasion resistant fillers. Used in immersion environments where superior resistance to chemical attack and erosion resistance are required.

Corrothane XT

A three-pack cold cured vinyl ester - urethane polymer alloy with glassflake.

Polyglass 100

Two-pack iso-phthalic polyester acrylic glassflake coating.

Polyglass LPLP

A two pack cold cured glassflake filled vinyl ester/acrylic co-polymer. This coating is part of the polyglass VE family but has modified thixotropic viscosity and cure properties to allow the material to be applied by pipe pigging.

Polyglass PPA

A peroxide catalysed glass flake polyester primer.

Polyglass VE

A cold cured glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co- polymer.

Polyglass VE HA

A thick two-pack, Polyester or Vinyl ester/acrylic glass flake for hand application. Except for viscosity this product has similar properties to the spray applied version of each product.

Polyglass VEF

A glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer. This product is identical to VE except it is thixotroped with polyethylene fibre, giving a rougher surface finish but better hold up during application and better chemical resistance in some environments.

Polyglass WCP

A peroxide catalysed glass flake polyester primer.


A rapid curing two-pack, multi-monomer isophthalic polyester glassflake coating.