Сomposite or GRP wrapping
Composite winding (composite or GRP wrapping):

Composite winding technology is usually based on the external (less often – internal) winding of pipelines and reservoirs with vinyl-ether resins with fiberglass. Fiberglass or graphite (carbon) fiber is abundantly soaked in a catalyzed resin and then tightly wrapped around a cleaned and pre-primed surface in several layers. After complete curing, an external composite fiberglass wall of the required thickness is created, which actually replaces and gives additional strength to the leaked metal. Many people also call this technology "glass in a glass", because a new container is actually being built up with polymer materials in a corroded container.


It is possible to repair individual areas that are most corroded or have already leaked
It is possible to restore tanks and pipelines with through holes
It is possible to carry out work without stopping the operation of the facility (in some cases, the external winding of pipelines)
In the long term, the external composite winding itself can replace the old leaky steel wall
Gives additional structural strength to the metal

Composite winding — download the presentation
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