Corrocoat Caspian corrosion protection coatings

With a successful 40 year track record from more than thirty locations across five continents, Corrocoat combines sophisticated corrosion resistant coating systems together with engineering expertise and application technology to ensure the best long-term protection of all types of equipment and structures.

Corrocoat Caspian, established in July 2012 under the licensed agreement of Corrocoat Limited (UK), presently operates manufacturing and application and repair facility in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Innovative polymer materials – industrial polyester, vinylester, acrylic, epoxy resin based “glassflake” (special corrosion resistant glass flakes micronized to submicrons) coatings, manufactured in Kazakhstan, presently have no analogues in CIS countries. Our high technological coatings are highly effective in extremely corrosive environments, mechanically strong, have a very low permeation rate, along with an excellent resistance to abrasion and cathodic disbondment. They provide an extremely tough, long life coating and are used where resistance to chemicals and temperature is of particular importance.

These products are used throughout the industrial world, to protect components as diverse as process vessels, high pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, acid pickling, ballast, effluent, fresh water, settlement tanks, water treatment and underground fuel storage tanks, pumps, filters, pipelines, manifolds, jackets, risers, separators, structural steel and concrete flooring.

All of our products manufactured in Kazakhstan have ST KZ certification with high local content ranging from 70% to 79%, as well as Certification from the Ministry of Health for the use of our coatings in portable water industry, since they are environmentally safe.

Our fully integrated packages cover initial assessment and recommendations on the repair and protection of the structures, manufacture and supply of materials, application, comprehensive reporting system guaranteeing total control over performance, quality and safety at all stages, inspection by qualified personnel.

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