Deterioration of concrete may be the result of many different factors, including carbonation, sulphation, re-bar attack, impact, erosion and cracking. Correctly formulated surface Coatings provide an effective barrier to corrosion, forming an impermeable layer over the surface of the concrete to prevent attack and deterioration.

Corrocoat has developed a range of coatings appropriate to differing surface environments, offering protection for both new and existing concrete structures. These materials include rebuilding compounds for the repair of areas subject to substantial material loss through corrosion/erosion attack.

Where concrete is already deteriorating, solutions are available for restoration, including crack injection, re-bar protection and replacement polymers.

Typical coating projects include:
• Concrete pipework
• Flooring
• Bunds
• Tanks
• Masonry
• Specialist constructions

Additional capabilities include jointing concrete to steel, sealing pipe joints, injection and a full range of lamination and composite techniques developed to meet the needs of specific applications within industry worldwide.
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